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Personal Statement Writing Service

A personal statement is your one opportunity to impress the admissions board of a college or university during the application process. Admissions boards often have very specific questions for all potential students during the application process, and your personal statement should be used as the one opportunity to respond to these questions. Personal statements should not be confused with entrance and admissions essays. Although many institutes of higher learning will require an essay of some kind with the application package, some will also want a personal statement.

Note Pad with Pen and SpecksPersonal statements generally fall into two categories: ‘a general personal statement’ and ‘a series to specific questions set by the admissions board’. General personal statements give the candidate more flexibility in writing their statement. The question-answer approach favored by some institutes, on the other hand, is intended to elicit relevant responses from applicants.

A personal statement should clearly tell a university why he or she should select you over all other candidates. It should highlight your individual qualities and make a strong case of why you want to study at a particular school. A good personal statement will play up your determination, enthusiasm and commitment to your chosen field of study and single you out as a serious and dedicated candidate.

Your personal statement will contain the following statements:

  • Why have you chosen this particular university over all others?
  • What attracted you to your specific course of study?
  • Examples of past projects and coursework which relates to your desired field of study.
  • What practical work you have experienced in your chosen field?
  • Your personal interests related to your subject area.
  • Life experiences that have lead you to this course of study.
  • What you hope to achieve with a degree from your chosen field?
  • Personal experience that demonstrate you are a serious candidate and responsible person.

It should also include the following statements that give more insight into your background and personality:

  • How do you spend your free time?
  • Details of any sports or leisure activities you regularly take part in.
  • Areas of interest outside of your chosen field of study.
  • Details of any musical instruments you play.
  • Languages you speak.
  • If you have won any prizes or received special distinctions for your accomplishments.

Many students are not familiar with personal statements, and have a hard time writing one during the application process. Our writers at Sliqessays are experienced at writing all sorts of college and university application essays, and can help you put together a winning personal statement that is sure to impress the reader. Our personal statement service can help you distinguish yourself in the eyes of the admissions board and elevate your application over all others.

Crafting a compelling personal statement is not an easy task, and many students can find themselves overwhelmed when writing one. Our experienced team at Sliqessays can provide the help and guidance you need to write a winning personal statement. Our experienced academic writers will work closely with you to craft a personal essay statement that will get your foot in the door at the school of your choice.